Letter From Our President

The Arizona Optometric Association has been around for over 100 years. It has protected and advanced our profession far greater than the founding doctors would have ever dreamed.  The majority of us are members because we know the value of being an AZOA member. Those that are in the minority, only reap one of the values of the AZOA efforts, because the AZOA protects ALL Arizona optometrists. Are you not a member? What if the AZOA no longer existed? Would we still have a profession as we do today? Would we be back to practicing the way our founding doctors practiced? How would that affect you, your way of practicing and your patients care? 

Thankfully, the AZOA is as strong as ever!  The value is clear with our legislative grass-roots efforts; we protect our profession and the public health.  We are unified in sharing camaraderie, best practice ideas and resources, frequent continuing education opportunities, intra-professional referrals, young professional groups, community service, and have access to all the additional benefits provided by the American Optometric Association.  We become a strong advocate for optometry and the public when we are a unified front. We are exceptional! We are here to protect, connect, evolve and thrive!  Encourage others to be a part of the AZOA.  Feel the value of membership, join today!

2018-2019 AZOA President, Dr. Beth Pyle-Smith


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